(Currently untitled)

Been a long time,
she said,
years of silence between us.

It has, I said,
not fond
of the phone and its distance

You remember
that time
I fell asleep back then

When we were still
on the phone late at night

Wasn't that so
with you calling out and

Trying to reach
and find
me, your friend, still sleeping

Yeah, I recall,
thirteen and liking the

Telephone back
the advent of texting

It was easy
when young
to communicate and

Somehow the long
dead air
didn't bother me then

I guess I grew
out of
enjoying being so

Aware of the
that springs between people

How have you been
since I
last spoke to you as a kid

Back when silence
was not
something that brought distance

Well, you know how
it can
be when they don't tell you

I did not need
to ask
what she meant by the words

It is a cruel
world now
so different from back then

They never said
that it
was full of people who

Wait in the night
with knives
sharpened and ready for

Unwary hearts
to be
cut still-beating from chests

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